What do I need to do once I have laid down the grass turf?

after sod installation

after sod installation

You must remember that the interior of rolls of sod becomes extremely hot very quickly in the summer, and that this could kill the sod.


You should start watering the sod as you are laying it, rather than waiting until you have laid down the entire lawn before beginning the watering.


During the first two weeks after your sod has been laid down, it is very important that you water your lawn in the morning and the evening until both the turf and the earth underneath it are completely soaked. Useful tip: Lift up a corner of the roll of sod if the earth underneath is wet, it means it has been sufficiently watered. In the following month, you should water your lawn once a day, preferably in the evening. It is important not to water during the daytime.

After that, follow the minimum fertilization requirements, which is a good way of ensuring that you won’t have to redo your landscaping.