During an extended dry period, your grass may become yellow. Don’t worry; just follow the same instructions as when you first laid down the turf. Once the dry spell ends and it starts raining again, your grass will regain its green colour. Grass turns yellow to better resist the lack of water and the stress caused by the heat.
Make sure you read the lawn care expert’s recommendations sent to you upon confirmation of your installation. It is also important to start watering as soon as the installers leave, so you should make sure you have everything ready so you don’t lose any time. Watering during the first week after the sod has been laid down is the most important step in the process.
The minimum amount is one pallet (740 ft2). Delivery is always free for a minimum of two pallets.
Moss grows when your lawn does not get enough sun. Normally, you need at least eight hours of sun a day. The only way to get rid of moss is to pull it out by hand. We do, however, offer a variety of grass (Shaded mix) that requires only four hours of sunlight a day.
Laying down sod is easy, and with a minimum of knowledge and time you can save yourself the installation charge. Click here to consult our installation guide. Our prices are, however, very competitive. As always at GrassOnSale.com, we ‘bury the competition!
Surprising as it may seem, you can lay down sod at any time between April and November. Always make sure you follow the watering instructions, especially during a heat wave.
In order to ‘bury the competition’ right across the board, we have the best after-sales service in the industry. Our customer service is available at all times to answer your questions. You can count on our professionals to be there when you need them to give you smart advice and assist you in the various steps of the process.
Shade is not a problem. We offer a variety of grass (Shaded grass) that grows in areas that receive little sun. This grass turf only needs four hours of sunlight a day. For more information, contact one of our experts.
We are often able to deliver within 24 hours. However, we recommend that you reserve your sod ahead of time to ensure that it is delivered when you need it.
Most municipalities require that you obtain a permit to water your new lawn. We suggest you contact your municipality ahead of time to find out what rules apply.